Tips for making your yard into an oasis.

Do you want to have spaces in your yard that call you to relax and unwind?

Now may be the best time to add a patio under a shade tree or plant different flowers/ shrubs that thrive in shade. Here is a patio I created once my apple trees got large enough to provide room to sit and stand underneath them.

Create more than one place to relax. Here is a swing I put under a mature evergreen and then built a water feature next to it to add to the ambiance.

How do I turn the yard in my new home from dirt to something beautiful without breaking the bank?

The cost of landscaping can be daunting. Buying larger trees is expensive but so tempting. It’s also tempting to think you need to “finish” your yard by deciding right now what to plant long term. Here’s a few tips to help think the process through:

Consider building berms around the borders of your yard. It will make your trees and shrubs look larger since they sit higher in relation to your house. It also gives your yard dimension and intrigue.

Use larger shrubs and ornamental grasses that have a wide growth pattern to fill in space until your trees have time to mature. Plan for the future. Leave room for trees to grow and not encroach on one another once they mature.

Consider each season. There are evergreen ground covers that provide lively spots of green in the midst of winter. Also make use of dwarf evergreens like blue spruces for smaller spots.

Use large pots: You can create a lot of visual appeal by setting large pots through your landscape beds. This will give dimension to your yard and let you test out what you think you would like long term.