Ah the familiarity of spring has arrived. Mornings start off cold but gently warm into toasty afternoons. Gazes out to the patio have us thinking it is time to set up the outdoor furniture and dinner is no longer served after dark. It’s a good time to celebrate a familiar yet, “new feeling", cycle in our lives.

Spring has many familiar and even comforting trends. Including being the beginning of the buying and selling season for homes. I can tell you the current status of the real estate market is comforting. Prices are stable and even increasing in most locations. Appreciation, while reasonable, has cooled a bit and buyers are on more stable ground and interest rates are low and stable.

Here at 24K Real Estate, we too offer a comforting tradition: Personal Service with Professional Results. In a fast-paced world where everyone has a “new and better” way of handling real estate transactions, we bring the refreshing air of the familiar, calm tradition of being knowledgeable, attentive, competitive and trustworthy. Our fee structure makes us competitive with any business model out there. Our attention to detail puts us in the top tier for customer service and just as importantly – results. We often help our sellers set new highs in what they receive for their homes and are known for protecting not only our buyer’s money but helping them avoid bad outcomes. More often than not, we are the ones who find the home for our buyers. We are not an autopilot operation that relies on our clients sending lists of what they want to see. We listen and learn so we can find you that gem that you will love and be happy to call “Home”.

We are hometown members of your community. Getting involved locally and giving back. We are your neighbors who are with you for more than just the transaction. We are trusted advisors, friends and great resources.

We are quickly approaching 20 years of serving you, your friends and neighbors through your referrals. So, as we all celebrate spring, we at 24K Real Estate celebrate our relationship with you and we are happy to join you for a cool drink on the patio after listing your home or helping you find one. Cheers!

Be sure to stop by and say Hello to Briana DeBoskey. She joined our firm this month and brings a warmth and energy that makes her a perfect fit here. She is a licensed agent, helps Dave as his transaction coordinator and works on our marketing as well. In fact, the new design of our newsletter is her handywork. Come by and say hi, she’s at the office a few mornings a week.

Briana DeBoskey jins 24K Real Estate
Briana DeBoskey jins 24K Real Estate