Dave’s Real Estate Market Update

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New Construction Homes

I am going to apologize up front, as a few of you reading this might cringe. 😉 I have had two good friends this year who have gone under contract on a New Construction home without having me represent them. They did not realize I work with New Homes, not just resale homes. In one case, they were told by the builder it was better for them as they would save money. That is not true. Having a Realtor represent you is your right, at zero additional cost. The Builder’s salesperson works for the Builder, not you. Who benefits when the salesperson tells you “You don’t need a third-party inspection, we have to go through our own.”? Not you… My past clients can share many an example of how valuable the Third-Party Inspection was for them. Best of all, when you work with me on the purchase of a new home, YOU DON’T PAY FOR THE THIRD-PARTY INSPECTION, I DO. I also provide for another inspection prior to your one year homebuilder warranty expiring so you can get the most benefit from that warranty work. That is just one example of where having me in your corner can make a big difference. I’ve had to negotiate siding replacements, driveway re-pours, garage floor replacements and many other things that builders have tried to avoid.

To summarize both topics, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The new paradigms of ibuyers, investors and mega builders definitely bring new options to the market. However, flying solo, without the help of an experienced professional, may cost you in hard dollars and/ or unknown risks. Take advantage of my expertise. Let’s weigh all your options together. Call me before you walk in the Builders sales office and before you get online for that ibuyer quote of how much they will pay for your house.