Improve your home’s exterior

picture 1

Your home probably has great architectural features but are they hidden by a boring paint job? Builders tend to minimize the effort they put into painting your house to save them time and money. Take, for example, my house. The columns, the trim around the gables, garage door, windows , and front door are all the same color. If you look hard enough, you will see a splash of contrasting color on the front door and one shutter on the right.

exterior paint complete

By using the dark, contrasting color that was originally limited to one shutter and the front door; there's more dimension, depth and character. The columns, garage doors and front door have a much stronger presence. The architectural detail comes to life. All it took was a bit more cutting-in (taping, caulking and hand painting of the edges) around those items.

HOA approval was easy since I was using the original colors, just a variance in where they were applied.

So, on your way into your garage tonight, stop and study the architectural detail of your home. You'll find that by repainting to highlight it, you can reinvigorate the excitement of buying it all over again.

As always, I am happy to drop by and give you ideas for design changes such as this.

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