The resale market is very stable right now and acting very much as it should this time of year. It’s slower than spring but houses are still selling in reasonable timelines. Buyers do have more buying power this time of year. The inventory is up from last year but in an unusual move, it dropped from the previous month. That has not happened in more than five years. In my opinion, it’s a healthy sign that things are indeed balancing out between supply and demand but not to any extreme that will cause prices to drop sharply.

Have you noticed all the new home subdivisions everywhere? There’s another round of new developments underway that makes 2015 through 2017 seem like a drop in the bucket. Don’t forget to go to our “What are they building there” page on our website to check it all out. Of course, we’d love to show you any of them in person too so call us and we’ll get out and have some fun.


Here are the City by City and County By County reports.