I'm often asked, do I need to repaint my kid's rooms for resale? My answer is almost always "no - no need. Almost everyone ends up customizing their kid's rooms so leave it be"

As long as your kid's rooms are neat and not cluttered, you can leave them be which is important, especially for younger children.

Moving is a big deal for children and the less you interrupt their lives and in particular, their personal space at home, the better.

You can also turn your kid’s rooms into a profit center when you do customize them by making sure you do the following:

Make sure the paint is done professionally – I’m not saying you have to hire a professional, just use tape and caulk as you paint and your lines will be straight and look awesome.

Use stickers to customize the theme. Avoid using paint for fun images like cartoon characters, animals etc. A buyer will like only having to peel off stickers and avoid immediate painting upon move-in.

Turn their closet into a multi-function space. A combination clothes/ desk space or bookshelves is a great idea. Keep the original doors in the basement if you decide to open the closet up for a desk.

Dual purpose bedding is great. The higher beds with a play or work space built-in underneath are great for making a room look fun, larger and more useful.

Lastly, get buy-in from your kids by having them sign our Kids Listing Agreement. We encourage them to help you keep the home “ready to show” by rewarding them at closing if they have done a good job. We’ve given away everything from gift certificates to a used mini-bike to our client’s children at closing.

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