The 2013 Solheim Cup will be held at the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, Colorado


The 2013 Solheim Cup is held every two years and was last played in the U.S. in 2009. Residents of Parker, Colorado are growing excited for the up-and-coming Solheim Cup being held at the nearby Colorado Golf Club Aug. 13-18, 2013. The event will be a three day long all women’s golf tournament! What makes this event unique in nature because the Americans and Europeans will be facing off as teams and as a result team spirit is everywhere. It’s not uncommon for the crowds to dress up, cheer loudly, sing chants, and show support for their teams. Three days of practice rounds as well as opening ceremonies (held in Parker the Thursday before the tournament) will also be open to the public. There are plenty of ways to get involved through volunteering and sponsorships. There will also be a tournament for local high school girls to participate in an event to honor The 2013 Solheim Cup.

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