Rental Property Worksheet

Rental Property Worksheet


Type of property and management of that property


Discuss and decide what type of property you want to own and whether you will manage it or hire a professional to do so.

Townhome/condo   __  Single Family Detached Home ___

Self Managed         __  Professionally Managed ___


Purchase price Calculation


Use the amount you have for a down payment to calculate the purchase price

__________Down payment amount

__________Purchase price based on down payment (down payment divided by ____ % required by lender)


Search Locations


Identify areas where properties can be purchased for amount calculated above



Cash Flow Analysis


Property 1 _______________________________________

Description – Bedrooms/ Baths/ Parking/ Amenities/ Other Features




______ Projected Rent


______Mortgage (P&I)


______Management fee if applicable

______Active Maintenance (i.e. landscape service)

______Insurance (physical damage)

______Insurance (liability)


______Maintenance Escrow

______Capital improvement escrow



______Legal & Accounting expenses (i.e. lease & tax return preparation)

______Move in/out expenses

__________Total Expenses


Rent minus Total Expenses

__________Net Income/Expense


Summary/ Notes






Increase or reduce down payment. May benefit via interest rate reduction plus lower P&I payment

Calculations ___________________________________________________________________________

Increase or decrease financing term.

Calculations ___________________________________________________________________________


Initial Offer Price         _______ (highest cash flow)

Maximum Offer Price  _______ (lowest acceptable cash flow)


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